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Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ≥98%

Silicone Reusable Mask for 2 years

100℃ Boiling disinfection support

Replaceable Filter


Fours layers

High -level protection

Anti-Bacterial non woven fabric, inhibit the growth of bacteria, effectively filter 3 µm exhaled droplets.

Electrostatic cotton, dual functions of filtration and absorption, which can block and absorb micro particles and increase dust capacity. 

N95 blown fabric :  Effectively filtering 0.6 µm  inhaled particles.

Anti-Bacterial Non-woven fabric: inhibits the growth of bacteria.



Soft and comfortable

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  • Silicone: the mask has strong sealing, after disinfection in boiling water, no deformation with corrosion resistance.


  • Technology grid with inlet and outlet valves to ensure maximum air flow.


  • Mask only weight 56 grams, making it light to wear all day

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