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The coronavirus epidemic has caused the public health problems and concerns in many countries. Not only for the seriously ill patients requiring resuscitation, but also for the protection of the general population. States have found themselves faced with a general shortage of masks, hydro alcoholic liquids, gloves, and other protections for medical professionals and health-related employees.

On this occasion, you wanted to look for a practical solution to the shortage of masks, which led us to develop a medical device, make known and distribute a type of high-protection reusable mask.


​AimProtect mask made with food grade silicone. It can be easily disinfected with boiling water. It has a replaceable filter that protects ≥ à 98% of all bacteria and viruses. This mask is light, very comfortable, ergonomic. It also has the additional advantage of being a cost-effective solution.

We work with a highly reputable Chinese manufacturer, Shenzhen Lezheng Technology Co. Ltd, recognized for adherence to internationally certification by way of ISO9001 standards. In production of this reusable mask, Shenzhen Lezheng Technology has acquired both the CE and FDA approval certifications, in addition to the KN95 Chinese certification. It also complies with the European standard EN 14683:2019, as a Class I medical device.

This mask is intended for both health professionals and the general public. It contributes significantly to our respiratory protection and health security.


Love and protect, it has always been the belief of AimProtect !

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